Furniture Stripping

Stripping is the removal of clear finish or colored paint from the surface (95%-100%). This process will not necessarily remove any color from inside the grain. We also strip a great deal of doors windows and moldings. We strip furniture chemically with a mild no acid, no lye, no water, room temperature solvent. Varnished items are hosed down with stripper on a platform until the finish begins to soften and are then scrubbed, picked, scraped and scoured until clean. Painted items are submerged in stripper for several hours until the paint softens enough to be cleaned.

Typical jobs are: Approximately

  • Painted interior doors – $225-$265
  • Painted exterior doors – $290-$400
  • Varnished side chair – $45-65*
  • Painted side chair – $50-75*
  • Varnish 3dwr chest – $125-$175*
  • Painted 3dwr chest – $150-$200*
  • Varnished Kitchen table – $100-$175*
  • Painted kitchen table – $150-$225*

Stripping Gallery

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