Sandblasting & Powder Coating

sand Sandblasting is just what it sounds like and is only for metal. It is the blasting of the surface with sand until it is perfectly clean of all paint and rust.

Powder coating usually requires sandblasting first and is also only for metal. The metal is elect statically charged and then powder is sprayed on in the desired color. The charged metal attracts and holds the powder to its surface. The item is backed which melts the powder into a smooth and extremely weather resistant coating.

Typical jobs are:

  • Patio side chair – Blast: $60-$80 plus Powder: $60-$80*
  • Patio table – Blast: $100-$175 plus Powder: $100-$175*
  • Chaise lounge – Blast: $125-$200 plus Powder: $100-$150*
  • Heater registers – Blast: $20-$75 plus Powder: $20-$75*

this is for none mesh iron. Aluminum +25-50%

Sandblasting & Powder Coating

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